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False Ceiling Design in Gurgaon - False Ceiling Design in Dwarka

Pop False Ceiling

False Ceiling Design in Gurgaon

Gypsum False Ceiling

Ceiling Design

False Ceiling Design

False Ceiling Design in Dwarka


False Ceiling is basically a layer of suspended ceiling beneath the main roof of the room or building. This layer act as a second layer which is suspended from the roof of main building or room with the help of frames made up of some metal sections or wooded frame. False Ceiling also called as dropped ceiling. Getting a false ceiling have many advantages such as this ceiling enhance the aesthetics of the room area, helps keep the room cool in summer season and warm in winters, give much space to install lightening , a.c ducts and other type of ceiling fixtures while concealing all the wires and duct.

To install a false ceiling a complete framework is required which can be made up of GI or AL sections or wooden batten hung and fixed with the main roof of the room. Minimum distance required between main ceiling and false ceiling is about 9 inches. There are many options in market available for false ceiling. Choice of material to be used depends on the selection of design and upon the use. Some of the option which we are going discussed is as follows.

False Ceiling Design

DkOr, offers all top false ceiling brands such as Gyproc by Saint-Gobain, Dexune, New Age False Ceiling, Techno Ceilings and some of the other brands as well.

DkOr: Offering False Ceiling Design in Gurgaon

Providing False Ceiling Design in Gurgaon; Varierty of False Ceiling Design in Dwarka available to choose as per your requirement or style. Some of the common design options are Gypsum False Ceiling, POP False Ceiling,  Wooden False CeilingFibre False Ceiling, Glass False Ceiling.

Some of the common False Ceiling Design Types are as follows


Gypsum False Ceiling
Gypsum Ceiling

Gypsum Board Ceiling or Gypsum board is a product from the group of panel products which consist of fire resistance core, made up of hydrate sulphate of calcium. Gypsum board is basically a product of building material and generally referred as gypsum board panels. Which is used in many applications and one of the important roles of gypsum board is in false ceiling.

Gypsum board also called as plasterboard or fibreboard. This ceiling is completely different from other types like wooden, glass, pop etc because of its fire resistance core which is mount on these boards. After installation of gypsum ceiling and applying the joint compound system, these boards create an uninterrupted surface of false ceiling due to panels of board. No doubt gypsum board for such benefits can be used in other application of Interior Design.

Some of the benefits of Gypsum False Ceiling are as follows:

  1. Installation is easy and fast : Gypsum Board False Ceiling is relatively easy to install because of many reasons. These panels are large in comparison with any other material type of false ceiling. Generally they come in a width of 4 feet, 4.5 feet sheets and length comes in 8feet, 10feet or 12feet. Due to size they cover the ceiling area very quickly. Fewer tools requirement make them easy to install. Easy to cut them in different shape and sizes with any type of utility knife or different saws and can be installed/attached with ceiling frame with screws, nails or fasteners. Due to light weight two installers can easily handle the installation easily in short span of time.
  2. Fire resistance makes them one of the good options: Gypsum panels come with an option of fire resistance. That is one of the reasons generally Interior Designers prefers to recommend customers for the use of Gypsum Board for different applications.
  3. Soundproof: Prevention of unwanted sound to nearby areas is an important factor while discussion or designing any room/space, particularly when taking into consideration of intentional actions of the occupants in the different parts of the facility. For example, in a building containing one office and other manufacturing unit, then the use of gypsum board for ceiling and wall partitions even help reduce the production unit noise pollution out of the reach of the office area. Gypsum Board ceiling efficiently helps into noise level reduction.
  4. Durable Material for Long Life: Gypsum Board Panels are used in making of best quality, strong false ceiling that put forward perfect dimensional stability and long life. By using gypsum panels a user can easily decorate and refinish the surface which is created by the use of gypsum boards.
  5. Lowest in price from other ceiling type: Gypsum boards are easily available in market and the application is relatively easy to install. This is an economically priced material for false ceiling surface that even provide fire resistance. The installation charges are very much low in cost from other type of material for false ceiling.

Gypsum False Ceiling | False Ceiling Design in Gurgaon | Gypsum Board
False Ceiling Design in Dwarka | Gypsum Ceiling Design | False Ceiling Design in Delhi

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POP False Ceiling Design
Plaster of Paris - POP False Ceiling

Plaster of Paris (POP) is most selective material in construction of a false ceiling. POP is obtained when the gypsum is heated to a certain level of degree. For best functional and aesthetical looks pop false ceiling is commonly used because an installer can mould the pop into any shape or design easily.

No doubt among all type of false ceiling Plaster of Paris false ceiling results are way much attractive and almost has no maintenance throughout the life of ceiling.  POP ceiling act is an insulator and create resistance for extreme heat and cold atmosphere and keeps the space at a decent level of temperature.

Plaster of Paris based false ceiling helps in hiding the defects and ugly parts of building structure but also come up with a smart finishing of the ceiling. Even with POP False Ceiling one can go beyond the imagination by moulding the pop in different shapes and design for the next level of experiments for your room design. Getting levels in ceiling can be easily done and infact different type of ceiling design can be implemented easily such as curvilinear false ceiling, domed ceiling, circular, multi layered, recessed false ceiling; whatever you can imagine can be easily achieved with plaster of paris.

Some of the benefits of POP False Ceiling are as follows:

  1. POP - Plaster of Paris False Ceiling provides a smooth, flawless level, matte looks to the interior.
  2. This can be easily textured or painted further.
  3. Plaster of Paris can be easily moulded into any design or shape and thus can be used to make good designs for false ceiling.
  4. POP surface decorations are a trendy way to offer the interiors a traditional look.
  5. Pop designs can be easily moulded and shaped to highlight the lightning fixtures.
  6. A common element now a day for contemporary interior design.
  7. Plaster of Paris can be used to mould and design various shapes of false ceiling.
  8. POP false ceiling design can be easily decorated with recessed lights.
  9. An enhanced level of interest can be creating by adding up levels in false ceiling.
  10. A popular design of POP False Ceiling comes with a lightning in cove for a contemporary false ceiling design.
  11. POP False ceiling is also used to hide the electrical wires and AC ducts.
  12. Ugly structure like beams can be also covered by Plaster of Paris False Ceiling.

POP False Ceiling | False Ceiling Design in Gurgaon | POP Ceiling Design
False Ceiling Design in Dwarka | POP False Ceiling Design | False Ceiling Design in Delhi

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Wooden False Ceiling Design
Wooden False Ceiling

Generally wooden false ceiling is used for false ceiling construction is the natural texture, look and patterns. Nowadays wooden false ceiling are used for good looking, which looks pleasant to viewer. Due to the price factor wooden ceiling is generally used in residential interior design and avoided in some commercial places like shops, showroom, malls or hospitals.

Material which is used for wooden false ceiling can be made up of either MDF or Hard wood. In case of Medium Density Fiberboard, Laminate is required on both the sides. The visible side is the board is called finished surface and the other side is called as balanced surface. On the other hand natural wood gives natural grains when polished. Some of the Advantage and disadvantage of wooden false ceiling are as follows:

Advantage of Wooden False Ceiling

  1. Provides natural wooden look.
  2. Very much stylish in design and different type of grains.
  3. Provide warm feeling in the room.
  4. Deliver artistic and decorative look in the room.

Disadvantage of Wooden False Ceiling

  1. Very much expensive from other options.
  2. Prone to termite
  3. Maintenance is difficult


Gypsum False Ceiling | False Ceiling Design in Gurgaon | Gypsum Board
False Ceiling Design in Dwarka | Gypsum Ceiling Design | False Ceiling Design in Delhi

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Fibre Ceiling Tiles
Fibre Ceiling Tiles

Mineral Fibre false ceiling is high in demand especially in offices and showrooms, as they are easy to construct and low in price.

The material used in manufacturing of fibre tiles is synthetic and some natural minerals.

As these are engineered false ceiling mineral fibre tiles they come in various sizes.

Gypsum False Ceiling | False Ceiling Design in Gurgaon | Gypsum Board
False Ceiling Design in Dwarka | Gypsum Ceiling Design | False Ceiling Design in Delhi

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Glass False Ceiling Design
Glass False Ceiling

One of the options in False Ceiling Design used by Interior Designers is of Glass Ceiling. The property is brittle and transparent in nature and non-crystalline material for ceiling, however, this can be easily make non brittle and non-transparent just by adding some of material.

Glass can be used for false ceiling as this is a good insulator of heat. This also adds up good looking and enhances the aesthetical appearance of the space.

As the property of mirror is to create illusion that is one of the reason glass ceilings is being used in low height roof. Glass also helps reflects the style of decor in the room. If customer wants to enhance the decor of dining room and/or a living room, glass ceiling is best option to amplify the overall looks of the room.

Same way, glass tiles can be used as well for this type of ceiling. Which can be etched, lacquered or some sticker design work can be added as an add-on to these tiles. Such selection of adding up texture on glass will make a difference, as prismatic glass will deliver a diffused lightening impact in comparison with etching on these panels.

Gypsum False Ceiling | False Ceiling Design in Gurgaon | Gypsum Board
False Ceiling Design in Dwarka | Gypsum Ceiling Design | False Ceiling Design in Delhi

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False Ceiling Design in Gurgaon

Designer False Ceiling

Advantage & Disadvantages of False Ceiling

Advantages of False Ceiling:
  • It presents a flat uniform level to the roof.
  • It offers fire resistance as it forms a compartmentation.
  • False ceiling helps create an acoustic treatment.
  • It covers all the non-pleasing parts and hides them.
  • It also helps in hiding all the pipeline, electrical wiring, HVAC ducts running in the room.
  • False ceiling materials are easily available and cheaper than traditional roof installation system.
Disadvantages of False Ceiling:
  • The most negative side of getting false ceiling would be pests. They can easily enter into the compartment between false ceiling and concrete roof and starts breeding, which might lead into massive problem.
  • Be careful while decorating or hanging up lightning fixtures over false ceiling. Make sure to have good analysis of strength of ceiling before hanging, as false ceiling is lighter in nature.
  • Lastly, without having a decent height of a room do not install false ceiling, as false ceiling would reduce the height of ceiling.

DkOr provide all type of fall ceiling design such as pop design, false ceiling designs, ceiling design, pop ceiling design, pop roof design, down ceiling designs, ceiling design for bedroom, gypsum board false ceiling, ceiling pop design. We have an expert team for fall ceiling designs for bedroom with false ceiling lights. Contact us for more information about the design and ideas of fall ceiling design for drawing room or pop ceiling design photos living hall.



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