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DkOr, Interior Designers in Gurgaon and best architects in gurgaon. Looking for a Home Interior Designers in Gurgaon? Your search ends here for best interior designers in gurgaon. Detailed information available here or call us to discuss.

Home Interior Design

Find the best home interior design ideas to match your style and requirement. Be it Living room design, bedroom interior design or any other room design ideas you are searching, our expertise in house interior design can meet your expectations.

Home Furniture

Best way to keep your home interior design in proper arrangement achieved by selection of perfect furniture that fit and suits your complete interior design. Take a quick look through our range of stunning bed designs, crockery unit, LCD unit and much more to select.

  • Bed Designs
  • Sofa Set Design
  • Dining Table Set
  • Crockery Unit Designs
  • Study Table Design
  • LCD Panel
  • Bar Units

Best Interior Designer in Dwarka!

We are a group of Interior Designer in Dwarka and architects in delhi. We provide services from civil work to complete home decoration or even a small part of renovation as well. Further, visit our detailed pages for each segment for your home renovation.

DkOr offers best top quality and reliable interior designing services in delhi and ncr. Nowadays, mostly people prefer turnkey interior design instead of renovating or fixing up a part of the home or just getting repaired frequently. As of now, the competitive pricing gives confidence to home owners to opt for interior designing and interior decorating services. As the broad options of pricing available, it is a wise decision to opt for new interior designing ideas to keep your home as per the latest trends.

Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen Design is a simple term which is used to define the contemporary layout of wooden work in kitchen. Specially designed in a module and customised in a manner, where a kitchen designer can provide organised storage.

  • Single Wall Modular Kitchen
  • L Shaped Modular Kitchen Designs
  • U-Shaped Modular Kitchen
  • Parallel Modular Kitchen Designs
  • Island Kitchen Design
  • G-Shaped Modular Kitchen

Wardrobe Design

A hurried search for things to wear isn’t fun, especially if you’re running late for work or rushing to a night out. With the help of expert wardrobe designers you can choose your own personalised combination that lets you find everything in seconds.

  • Free Standing Wardrobe Design
  • Wall Mounted or Fitted Wardrobes / Built-In-Wardrobes
  • Sliding Door Wardrobe – Slider Wardrobes
  • Walk-In Wardrobes Design

Being a direct manufacturer of Modular Furniture with in-house team of installers and expert interior designers in gurgaon we can offer one stop solution for any type of Turnkey Interior Design.

Delivered more than 1000+ projects in past 11 years, we have a big list of happy customer base and awarded with many 5 stars ratings.

Home renovation is not just all about the good looks of any house interior. In fact, a proper planning done by some experts to make some functional placing, storage and looks in making of home from a raw house. Moreover, a poor interior design, will eventually mess with an existing space in terms of utility and aesthetically. While a smart planning can create a smart home and transform a small apartment into a pleasant residence by implementing contemporary design and ideas. No doubt, an Interior designer is most important than it may seem initially and one can easily compare the importance of an interior designer in comparison with architecture, when a requirement of an interior design comes in. Therefore, involving an Interior Designer in Dwarka is most important when it comes to renovation or building a new home, when  home Interior Designers in Gurgaon can help get your dream home.

A good Interior designer will provide you better designs in terms of aesthetics and utility. On the other hand, what is aesthetically pleasing as an example some window curtains, wallpaper for walls or some latest built-in-hob depends completely on user choice. Because every person has their own personal choice of colors and design. For such detailed information and selection, a standard 2D architectural design hardly ever meet the client expectation. Sometime, a user try to save the expense of an Interior Designer and/or upgrade architect’s plan, some people just try to work out the whole on the basis of layout plan provided by best architects in gurgaon. So, they end up accepting the unorganized solutions without thinking about the installation and customization of products. Eventually, they realize such mistakes on a later stage and hire an expert after doing some hit and trail.


A good interior designer or interior decorators in gurgaon can easily enhance the small space into a smart space which is functional enough to deliver more. DkOr is an interior design company in gurgaon with top architects in gurgaon can help build your dream home. When it comes to find out the top 10 interior designers in gurgaon, DkOr names comes in top 3 architecture firms in gurgaon.



Now the point is, it’s very difficult to decide when and whom to engage for home improvement project. Who listen to the user requirement and meets the user expectation as per the lifestyle, because, most of the designers won’t show you the complete information until you hire one of them. However, a designer will help you with the things can be done to meet your requirement according to their ideas. As generally an interior designer is a trained and experienced professional, who can help their customers to select the design according to their lifestyle. Designer job is not only limited to making layouts and design, they will help you to select the right decor, paint theme, furniture, lights, false ceiling and much more. Well it’s your choice what you want them to do for you and how much is your budget to fit in for a particular element.

Hiring a the best interior designer in dwarka and implementing the design and ideas of a best interior designers in gurgaon, totally depends on your budget and your selection for turnkey interior design. Even, a great idea is to save money is where one can hire an expert and ask them for complete solution and involve them for some important only and work out the easier parts yourself. Think properly about the whole process and take good time to decide before making any decision, because the interior of your home should look good visually and also customized in such a way where you get proper functionality.