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Kitchen Design with the help of DkOr Modular Kitchen Designers has become easy, simple and fast way to select. DkOr provides complete turnkey solution for kitchen cabinets in Delhi-NCR. Be it a Kitchen Chimney, Kitchen Trolley or complete kitchen interior design, you can get everything under one roof. With the help of latest 3D designing software's you can see your modern kitchen imagination into reality before production. In fact you can place kitchen tiles design and granite in the drawing before finalizing for manufacturing stage. Being a direct manufacturer, we can offer competitive modular kitchen price within your budget. Generally, kitchen cost depends on the selection of modular kitchen cabinets, modular kitchen accessories, kitchen doors, Size and kitchen hardware. All of these elements in combination makes modular kitchen designs and price to execute requirement.

Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon

Even a small modular kitchen design requires complete process and these five elements for Indian kitchen design. Ready-made Kitchen is the concept where a designer is required to enhance the storage and space while keeping the customer requirement on top. For Indian style kitchen design, customer can easily customized the pricing based on the selection of material to get the cost of modular kitchen to be fit in their budget. With a factory setup 0n Dwarka Expressway, Gurgaon, we can provide modular kitchen in gurgaon (gurugram) and modular kitchen in Dwarka. We offer free modular kitchen designs or customers can select their style and finish with our modular kitchen designs catalog. Whether it's a simple kitchen design or a high end luxury kitchen design, we have all types of modular kitchen price list to fit in your search of modern kitchen design.

DkOr: Leading Manufacturer and Designer of Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon.

Supplier of Modular Kitchen at Dwarka Expressway

Kitchen Interior Design and the Modular Kitchen Price in India depends on few parameters such as Kitchen Layouts, Kitchen Cabinet Design, Kitchen Doors, Kitchen Hardware, Kitchen Accessories, Kitchen Appliances and Civil Work.

Some of the common Indian Kitchen Design layouts are as follows

Single Wall Modular Kitchen Design

Straight Wall Kitchen Design is a type of small Indian kitchen design. In Single Wall Modular Kitchen Design, all the modular units are installed on a straight line. Therefore, the work triangle cannot be formed in this design layout. Kitchen planner can only install sink, hob and refrigerator on a same wall. Best kitchen designs for this type requires around 8 to 10 feet of a wall to arrange these three working zones.

Single Wall Modular Kitchen Design Layout
L-Shape Modular Kitchen Designs

L-Shape Kitchen Interior is very much common layout for modular kitchen in India. In L-Shaped Modular Kitchen layout, these modern kitchen cabinets are installed on two walls perpendicular and adjacent to each other. Even in modern kitchen design in this layout small dining table be accommodate as well. A Lee-Man Corner or S-Carousel can be installed due to a formation of a corner in this design type. Multiple work zones or work triangle can be formed easily.

L-Shape Modular Kitchen Design Layout
U-Shape Modular Kitchen Design

If there is a space in your kitchen, you like to spend quality time while cooking and want to best use the kitchen cupboards, then for new kitchen designs this is the one which best suits you. U-Shape kitchen cupboard designs comes with a perfect fit of work triangle and on the other hand offer a good storage to get complete utility. This is the kitchen decor which suits a big family size. In this layout we can install two corner units, due to size one can get an appliances unit and a sitting space can be created as a breakfast counter.

U-Shape Modular Kitchen Design Layout
Parallel Modular Kitchen Design

If you are thinking of a small kitchen design ideas, then parallel shape or gallery layout is a preferred from other kitchen styles. In this design cabinet design is created on two parallel walls and this is very much restricted to a single user because of small distance between base cabinets of both the walls. For compact kitchen room design, parallel shape modular kitchen design offers goo storage and a working triangle. Generally, chef's prefer this layout because of easy access of kitchen drawers. No doubt as this is the good design option for a small home kitchen for some better storage.

Parallel Wall Modular Kitchen Design Layout
Island Modular Kitchen

In this type of kitchen design, user get a lot of kitchen cabinet in their modular kitchen. Kitchen Chimney placed in centralized unit by which the complete kitchen interior design looks smart and functional. Island Modular Kitchen is a modern kitchen where one can easily install sitting space near the cooking area. Modular Kitchen price in this layout again depends on the material selection and specially type of modular kitchen chimney.

Island modular kitchen design offers better modular kitchen cabinets storage, kitchen pantry cabinet, corner kitchen cabinet, kitchen larder, kitchen roller shutter and other premium accessories can be easily fit in this design.

Island Modular Kitchen Design Layout
G-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design

This is a design which basically an extended version of U-Shape & Island Kitchen with fourth leg of modular kitchen cabinets. This is a type of layout in Indian kitchen design with enhanced option for better modular kitchen accessories. In G-shape modular kitchen design more than 1 person can work at any point of time or in other words this design can easily accommodate 3 person at same time to work. This is the much better and powerful design layout if there is a scope of installation, however, this comes with a high modular kitchen cost also.

In terms of storage and utility you can have three corner units, appliances unit, pantry, larder, crockery unit, lift up etc. Hob can be install either any of the wall or on fourth leg as an island kitchen. In case you install the hob on a wall then fourth leg of cabinets can be used as a sitting counter. This design is way much better for large families, more worktop space for preparations, island can be implemented easily and you get lot of storage. Our Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon can get you customized and enhanced storage solution.

G-Shape Modular Kitchen Design Layout


DkOr offers best quality and competetive modular kitchen in Gurgaon.

Modular Kitchen Shutters - Doors Material

Modular kitchen shutter made up two different material type. The Inner material or the base material of a shutter an exterior material which called as shutter finish. Ready-made Kitchen Shutters comes in plywood, plyboard, MDF, HDF, Natural Wood, Teak, Rubber Wood, Particle Board, Wood Plastic Composite (WPC). All of these material has its own positive and negative points depending upon the price v/s life of the shutters. Shutter comes in many finishes such as Laminate, Membrane, Acrylic, Veneer, Lacquered and Solid Wood Shutters.

Decorative Laminate Shutters

Laminate Shutters are made up of Decorative Laminates or Flexible Decorative Laminates (MICA sheets). These sheets can be mount over different inner materials by cold pressing the laminates on Plywood, Plyboard, Particle Board, WPC, MDF & HDF. In decorative laminated shutters with the help of through feed edge banding machine edge requires to be concealed. In post formed shutters or flexible laminates edge banding is not required as it covers the edges by laminate only.

Some skilled carpenters also make laminated shutters manually, however, factory made shutters are properly cut as per the size by panel saw machine. Carpenter cover the edges by PVC tapes with some glue or wood beading's or by aluminium profile all around to cover edges. Factory made shutters comes with proper finish and edges are concealed with the help of edge banding machine which gives a smart finishing as compare to manual work.

Pros: These Laminated Sheets are most economical and highly durable. Almost any type of look and finish can be selected because of many companies offers infinite options of colour and design to select. The upper finish does not wear off or fade easily. Do not require to polish them. They are very much easy to clean because of smooth surface and a thin layer of lacquered / plastic layer mounted on top.

Cons: If not made properly then these shutters might lack finishing on edges. Precautions must be taken while installation as they are easy to chip off from edges. Edge banding is required to conceal the edges of these shutters.

Acrylic Kitchen Shutters

If you want a rich look high gloss kitchen shutters in economical pricing, then Acrylic Shutters should serve the purpose. One can easily see the difference between the gloss of laminate or membrane comparing Acrylic Gloss. The Gloss in acrylic shutters come without any blur surface or waves when kept in front of light source. Acrylic Modern Kitchen Shutters are made up of 16mm Marine Plywood or MDF with 2mm Acrylic sheet. They are long lasting and resist scratches and water. Shine of acrylic shutters is like mirror and allow light to reflect easily. Acrylic shutters comes in a range of solid colors and textured look but with smooth finish.

PVC Membrane Shutters

Membrane Shutters or PVC Membrane Skins are pvc foils which is required to be mount on MDF or Plywood. With the help of CNC router, grooving and carving can be done on inner material and then by covering it with foil in oven. These shutters doesn't require any type of edge banding as the foil covers the shutter edges completely. These are factory made shutters and cannot be made manually. These foils comes in Matt and High Gloss finish. Easy to clean and maintain due to smooth finish.

Pros : This is 100% anti corrosive, termite proof, water resistant and easy to maintain. PVC Membrane Shutters are economical to achieve even better finish than Laminates and Solid Wood.

Cons: These shutters have limited number of color shades to select. Because it is a PVC product it tends to get yellow over a period and these shutters are not fire resistant at all.

Veneer Kitchen Shutters

Veneer Kitchen Shutters are made up of either plywood or ply board. This is generally thinner than 3mm and its a thin slice of real wood to give a texture and feel to shutter finish. Customer looking for some real wood finished kitchen shutters in an economical way, then this is the right option. These shutters are perfect way to achieve the feel and look of real wood for your kitchen decor. If we compare these shutter with solid wood shutters than the advantage is the stability of veneer shutters. Like real wood require to be seasoned and prone to splitting and wrapping, this is not the case in veneer. As the veneer is made up of wooden layers and glued in such a way the chances of split up and wraps are way much lesser than solid wood shutters.

Pros : Veneer Kitchen Shutters are long lasting, economical and durable compared to solid wood shutters. Veneer shutters can be matte, high-gloss or sued finish with the help of polish process.

Cons: The color of these shutters get fade if they are exposed to direct sunlight. These shutters requires time to time polishing like solid wood shutters. Water stains can be seen easily if the polish is not applied properly. They are not at all scratch resistant.

Lacquered - PU Shutters

Lacquered or P.U Finish or Polyurethane finish is the high end finish among the range of kitchen cabinet shutters. Comes in both of the finishes High Gloss and Matt. A big range of color available to choose from for kitchen cabinets shutters made up of MDF Board. They are best in class in terms of aesthetics and provide ultimate, contemporary and rich looks when installed in kitchen cabinets. The whole process of PU Coated Kitchen Shutters requires 11 steps of chemical process. Each of the step adds up better finish and durability for a longer run. In simple words they are painted shutters and finally coated with clear coat of Polyurethane. Only expert painters are able to achieve the good finish as they are made manually either by spray guns or manual painting.

Solid Wood Kitchen Shutters

Customers looking for modern but classy kitchens, Solid Wood shutters are also available to give them antique look. They are also the costliest product in kitchen shutters range that is available in the market. Solid wood shutters can be made up of many varieties such as rubber wood, teak wood, cedar wood, oak wood, mahogany wood, cherry wood, maple wood and much more. They are super easy to maintain, whenever you want a new feel and look a simple polish is required. As these shutters are made up of seasoned wood so the life and durability also gets enhanced.

Pros: Solid wood comes with variety of grain, textures, colors and quality. Natural variation in texture makes this material as a tailored made designs. These shutters can be polished with variety of options. Durable and easy to clean.

Cons: Quality is an important factor otherwise solid wood shutters show splitting and wrapping. Change in atmosphere and humidity level can damage the finish of the material, so it requires frequent touch up to maintain the look and feel. Solid wood shutters are costly and take lot of time to make kitchen shutters comparing other type of material like Laminate or Acrylic.



Modular Kitchen Cabinet Materials

Wood Plastic Compostie - WPC Board

WPC is a Wood Polymer Composite. WPC is made up of wheat/rice husk with thermoplastic, which make this board as a substitute of a Plywood in terms of quality & durability. However, we cannot compare the strength between a WPC board and a plywood, as plywood is eventually made up of real wood layers. WPC is Termite & Borer Proof, Water Proof, Fire Resistant and these boards are good enough to make cabinets.

At, DkOr we prefer the best possible solution in terms of either base material, accessories or hardware. So when it comes to select the WPC board (wood plastic composite) or plastic wood, we always prefer best in class products. One of the material which our designer's recommend to our customer is Alstone Hybrid WPC Board.

Alstone WPC Hybrid

Plywood is which is made up of thin layers of veneer, those placed adjacent on each other and glued together. These layers are placed on each other, where the grains of one sheet rotated 90 degrees on another. In other words this is an engineered board like particle board and mdf. However, comparing the lifespan, strength and durability of the plywood then no other material can beat the properties of plywood. For example one can see the furniture at their home and check whatever the load bearing material it is that is most probably be made up of plywood. Because of the load bearing capacity and strength in plywood, modular kitchen designers recommend the kitchen carcasses in plywood.

As the manufacturing process of plywood includes the placement of wood grains on each other to form a composite material. The process of keeping each layer alternatively is called as cross-graining and this process offers many benefits in plywood.

  • The tendency of plywood to split when the edges being nailed gets reduced.
  • As the season changes and the change of air temperature doesn't impact plywood in terms of shrinkage and expansion. Due to this feature there is an improved stability in dimensions which helps in making of Modular Furniture.
  • This alternate core of wood veneer's make this board robust and make them to handle load consistently around all directions.
  • Because of odd numbers of layer glued together, this helps in balancing the sheet. Like layer 1 is vertical, layer 2 is horizontal, 3rd again vertical and so on. So by the end of complete set of layer the first and last layer would be in same direction. This process help saves the plywood from warping.
  • As the construction of plywood is by placing layers on each other and in odd numbers, it is very hard for someone to bend the plywood perpendicularly to the direction of grains on ply surface.

Low quality of plywood is made by placing plies in a right angle to each other and a good quality of plywood is made by placing plies in addition of 45 degrees to each layer. For example Layer 1 is at 0 degree, Layer 2 at 45 degree, Layer 3 at 90 degree, Layer 4 at 135 degree & Layer 5 at 180 degree. This feature helps in making plywood much better in strength in multiple axes. In India there are many brands available to select from such as Green Plywood, Century Plywood, Duro and many more offering good quality of plywood for kitchen cabinets.

Marine Grade Plywood
Medium Density FiberBoard - MDF Kitchen

MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) is an engineered wood product. The construction of MDF comes from by breaking down the softwood and hardwood residuals into wood fibres. These wood fibres in combination of resin binder and wax with the help of high temperature and pressure makes the MDF Boards.  If we compare the MDF with plywood then the MDF is way much denser than plywood. MDF can be used in many applications or consider as a building material where the plywood is generally required. On the hand MDF is better, stronger and the life span is better than Particle Board.

The construction of MDF consist of around 82% of wood fibre, 1% of paraffin wax, 9% of resin glue and 8% of water. The density of MDF is around between 500 kg/m3 to 1,000 kg/m3.

Some of the common benefits of MDF are as follows:

  • This can be used as a substitute of veneer.
  • This is cheaper than natural wood.
  • Isotropic in nature which means there are no grains and due to even density of fibre there is no chance to split.
  • This won't expand or shrink like wood.
  • Really easy in comparison with natural wood to finish or to shape them.
  • Consistency in Size and Strength all over.

Common Drawbacks of MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard

  • This board is denser than plywood (because of heavy resins)
  • Low quality MDF can break and swell when comes in contact with water.
  • Might get expand or warp if not properly laminated and concealed with edge banding.
  • At the time of using this board for furniture and cutting this may release formaldehyde, which is medically known as human carcinogen. Can cause irritation in eyes, cause allergy and irritation in lungs while sanding and cutting.
  • As this board doesn't have natural wood grains and there are no layers of veneer placed onto like plywood. So while screwing on the edges might cause chip and split of corners.
  • Might get shrink in low humidity season.
MDF Board
Particle Board - PLPB Modular Kitchen

Particle Board or particleboard or PLPB, is a low density fibreboard (LDF) product from the family of engineered wood. This board is made up of from sawmill shavings, sawdust or wood chips with some synthetic resin to bind. Which is then form into a board by pressure. When it comes to save the cost then Particle Board is the best possible solution which fit in low budget project. Particle Board is denser, cheaper and consistent uniformity than natural wood or plywood. It can be used when the cost is more important than strength and aesthetics. However, this can be make more attractive either by lamination, PU Polish or by adding veneer on the surface of the board. Even if Particle board is denser than the plywood but still it's the weakest and lightest board in entire range of boards.

Particle Board

Modular Kitchen in Delhi

Modular Kitchen in Dwarka Expressway

Modern German Kitchens have a global reputation for quality, durability and strength; just another example of German engineering excellence. Our German manufacturers are at the head of the industry, building rigid kitchens to stay rigid, precision-engineered to last. They build for us what we design for you, giving you your own, unique example of the best-made kitchens in the world. We are proud of the kitchens we sell, the design and function of our German Made Kitchens boast some of the most innovative in Kitchen technology and cutting edge functionality. See below for a more in-depth look into our design features to see why we chose them especially for you.

Cabinetry - Carcasses

Chosen by us from the very top end of German cabinetry, our kitchen cabinets are built to last, from 16mm and 18mm Marine Grade Plywood with 6mm solid plywood backs; carcases and shelves have 1.3mm front edges, and all edges are sealed against moisture ingress. The whole is permanently constructed using solid wooden dowels.

Hinges and Soft Closers

It’s the same with soft-closers. Whether they’re attached to the hinge – as in most applications – or to the carcass in the case of some internal accessories, or even built into the accessories themselves, our industry-leading soft-close mechanisms ensure slow, soft satisfaction…

Drawers and Pullouts

Our standard drawers are full-extension, steel-framed, soft-close and silent, and we set out to offer all those things other companies say you can’t have: full-height sides, glass sides, and accessories and dividers which really do fit, and use all the space. Our big pull-outs hold up to 50kg – that’s nearly eight stone!

Servo-Drive for Tall and Base Units

That effect where you poke a drawer-front and it just slides out isn’t really achieved by gremlins. Servo-Drive is a tiny motor which opens your drawers for you – in case it’s the butler’s day off. If there’s a power cut, it still works the old-fashioned way.

Servo-Drive for Wall Cabinets

There’s a version of the Servo-Drive for wall units, for those doors which lift themselves up when you want them to. Reassuringly, it brings them back down when you’ve finished, too.

Corner Solutions

Corners have always presented the biggest challenge to kitchen manufacturers, and over the years, ours have come up with a host of clever solutions. Carousels, magic corners – that’s really what they’re called – and the LeMans (because it’s the shape of a race-car track) all mean you won’t have to fight through cobwebs to find your Christmas turkey tin.

Interior Fittings and Storage

And it goes far beyond cutlery trays and corner carousels. We’ve got walnut, beech and PVC drawer inserts and dividers, knife holders, spice racks, holders for rolls of film and foil, racks for jars, bread bins (not just one bread bin, a choice of bread bins!), bottle stands, apothecary pull-outs, rails for hooks, for paper towels, for cookery books, shelves with lights, shelves without lights – Have we had the cuddly toy? Probably.

LED Lighting Systems

There are so many lighting-related puns to choose from, we don’t even know where to start. Let’s just say we’ve got a selection of lights to fit under your wall units, as you’d expect; but if you want the whole base of the wall unit to be a light, we can do that. At DkOr, We can light your shelves, either inside your units or straight onto the wall; can light your drawers and cupboards; we can put decorative, coloured LEDs around your worktops, your furniture, your front door if that’s how you want it. However, we can’t guarantee to make your kitchen visible from space, but we’re up for the attempt.

Glass Splashbacks

We have 6mm low-iron glass splashbacks for kitchens, templated and cut to fit around your sockets and boxed-in pipes and whatever else you have, in a range of a mere one thousand, six hundred and twenty-five colours. That’s right, in any RAL colour. Nothing else looks and feels and just shines like glass, and in any colour you want – well, how can you go wrong? Other than by ‘phoning us and asking us to list the colours.

Sinks and Taps

This is another huge topic. A kitchen sink’s not just a kitchen sink any more. Some options are only possible with the right worktops – which, fortunately, we have – but broadly, the main materials for sinks are stainless steel (which comes in different thicknesses and grades, so don’t be put off by the utility sink you bought in the corner shop for a tenner), granite composites, Corian or quartz (yes, the same stuff as the worktop’s made of, which is cool), and ceramics (especially for the classic butler sink). Currently, we’re loving flush-fitted stainless steel, and Silestone sinks.

As for taps, of course we’ve got fantastic selections of stylish and exciting kitchen taps. If there’s one that’s walking out the door, it’s the boiling-water tap. This is all the rage at the moment, and being us, we’ve got half a dozen to choose from.


Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon | Kitchen Design in Dwarka | Modular Kitchen in Delhi
Kitchen Design in Gurgaon | Modular Kitchen at Dwarka Expressway | Kitchen Design in Delhi

DkOr partners with a portfolio of major appliance manufacturers, bringing you the best features at the best prices. We are a Siemens IQ Specialist dealer but if it’s not Siemens you want we also specialise in Bosch, Kaff, Faber, Elica, with a host of others on the back burners. When it comes to kitchen appliances we’re not talking just about ovens and hobs, but about induction and steam cooking, combination microwave ovens, coffee makers and wine coolers, fridges and freezers, dishwashers, warming drawers and waste disposal solutions. If it’s any kind of kitchen appliance, we’ve got five or ten to choose from. See below for more information on our kitchen appliances and see the links to our partners for more information.

Siemens Appliances

Founded in the 1840s, with the modest aim of “Progress in the service of mankind”, Siemens has become the largest domestic appliance manufacturer in Europe & world-wide, matching optimal performance with style and technological innovation.

It’s not all about scale, though, or all the design awards they’ve won. We like Siemens for their solid engineering, their durability, their cutting-edge aesthetics and how well they integrate with our kitchens; they’re just as strong in energy efficiency and environmental concerns. That we get great prices from them is just the icing on our cake.

Bosch Appliances

Bosch say it’s the rain in Germany which makes their engineers so good, by keeping them indoors working.

One of the world’s top three manufacturers of home appliances, Bosch has been in business for over a hundred years. Bosch holds a list of patents as long as an engineer’s arm. Building machines to work and to last – their motto is “Invented for Life” -, they’ve won awards for being Green. Good-looking, reliable appliances at prices you can’t beat: that’s Bosch at DkOr.


At DkOr, we have complete range of Kaff Appliances : Cooker Hoods Chimney, Built-in Hobs, Built-in Ovens, Built-in Microwaves, Wine Coolers, Built-in Dishwashers, Deep Fryer, Built-in Bar-Be-Que, Built-in Refrigerator, Cooking Ranges, Cook Tops, Ventilating Fans, Outdoor Bar-be-que, Air Purifier & Built-in Induction Hobs.

For Kaff Appliances Price List, Customer Care, Kaff Chimney Combo Offer, Auto Clean Chimney, Kaff Chimney Price, Kaff Gallery in Gurgaon contact us today.

Kaff Kitchen Chimney has various type of options available such as:

  1. Island Kitchen Chimney
  2. Collection Range
  3. Premier Range
  4. Essential Range
  5. Auto Clean - Dry Heat

Kaff Hob also comes with various design and options of burners. Glass Kitchen Hob, SS Kitchen Hob with Indian Burner or Italian Burners are available. For latest Kaff Combo Offers visit our showroom or Call us today.


Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon | Kitchen Design in Dwarka | Modular Kitchen in Delhi
Kitchen Design in Gurgaon | Modular Kitchen in Dwarka Expressway | Kitchen Design in Delhi


We do a lot of groundwork and planning at the time of designing. To make it as simple as possible for our customers to understand complete design and elements. We even design our kitchens with this in mind from the very start. Our Modular Kitchen Manufacturers will follow step by step installation process.


Remove the old kitchen if exists: Switch off the electricity, gas and water before installation process. Remove the base cabinets first, so that you can easily get to the wall cabinets.

Evening out walls and floor: Flat, level surfaces are important for a good installation. If the walls or floor are extremely uneven or there are other major problems, we recommend you to first rectify them by hiring a civil professional to fix them.

An expert for Electrical, Plumbing and Gas work: As per the new kitchen design you might have to hire a plumber, electrician and gas person to fix as per design. They will do a safe and professional job.

Prime, paint, lay the floor: With the room empty, now is the time to finish the walls, get the POP work and first coat of paint. Get the new flooring installation done. Keep in mind, new flooring is easier to install now, but be sure to protect the floor surface until the complete kitchen is finished. On a later stage after complete installation of kitchen, final coat of paint or wallpaper to be applied.


Before moving ahead, make sure you must have received all the modules and elements for your kitchen. The best way is to check the packing list with the physical units. Furthermore our installers will sort all the packages into three parts such as wall cabinets, base cabinets and Tall units.

Keep the worktop indoors: Worktops should be stored indoors, in normal room temperature and humidity. But be sure not to lean them against warm radiators or lay them on cold floors. They may absorb or discharge moisture, which can cause them to warp.

Assemble base cabinets and Drawers first: Installers will follow the instructions provided by modular kitchen manufacturing unit for assembling base and high cabinets and drawers. Screw the channels, runners for drawers or pull-out baskets on the inside walls of the base and high cabinets before assembling the cabinets themselves.

Assemble wall cabinets: Start with assembling and installing the wall cabinets. Follow the assembly instructions included in each package.

Place the cabinets in order: Arrange the cabinets into the order to install them so that you can quickly find the right cabinet when you need it. Don’t put on the doors, knobs, handles, shelves, wire baskets or other pull-out interior fittings now. Wait till later.


Following are the steps to install Modular Kitchen Base Cabinets:

  • Make the Carcasses from the Panels.
  • Attaching cabinet legs
  • Installing base cabinets
  • Installing tall unit cabinets
  • Leveling cabinets by water leveler.
  • Fastening or joint base cabinets together
  • Tightening all the screws
  • Installing filler pieces in corners.
  • Fix the filler further with blind corner.

Corner Cabinets First: As with wall cabinets, start by installing corner cabinets first. If your design doesn’t include a blind corner cabinet, start with the cabinet that fits at the start of the run – in the corner where the back and side walls meet.

IMPORTANT! Before putting in any of these cabinets, be sure to measure, mark and cut openings for plumbing, power sources and other utilities.


After installing base cabinets, you can align the wall cabinets according to base cabinets. This way the wall cabinets would be perfectly in sync with base cabinets.

Following are the steps to install Modular Kitchen Wall Cabinets:

  • Finding wall studs / fasteners
  • Screw the wooden strip behind wall cabinets to align with wall
  • Mounting wall cabinets
  • Leveling wall cabinets with water level
  • Tightening all the screws

Corner Cabinets First: As with base cabinets, start by installing corner wall cabinets first. If your plan doesn’t include a corner cabinet, start with the cabinet that fits at the start of the run – in the corner where the back and side walls meet.


Now that the base cabinet frames for your new kitchen are in place, it’s time to install the wooden top board, worktops and sink.

Following are the steps to install Modular Kitchen Worktop / Granite:

  • Measuring worktop lengths
  • Making a corner seam
  • Sawing the wooden panel
  • Place the wooden Top Board on base cabinets
  • Place the worktop on top board
  • Cutting a hole for the sink
  • Sealing cut edges
  • Installing the sink under worktop
  • Installing the kitchen mixer tap


The next step – after the cabinet frames, worktops and sink are in place – is to add soft close innotech drawers, bottle pull out, baskets, wicker basket, cutlery tray, plate baskets, shelves, lighting, and other accessories. Our Modular Kitchen Installers would install all the accessories, shelving, drawers and other interior fittings in cabinets. This also makes it simple to make adjustments or add interior fittings later on.

Following are the steps includes:

  • Putting up Shelf pins to place detachable shelf's.
  • Installation of Soft Close Innotech Drawers.
  • Bottle Pull Out Installation.
  • Cover Panels - Shutters Installation.
  • Installing lighting
  • Drawers Adjustments - Installation.


Just a few details and fine adjustments and your kitchen will be complete. From attaching knobs and handles to checking the alignment of doors and drawers – small details make a big difference in how your kitchen looks and performs. It’s important to take your time and get them right.

There are many different handles and knobs. There are also different recommendations about where to position them on the doors and drawer fronts so they will look and work at their best. Speak with our kitchen expert at your DkOr store and they will tell you what’s recommended for just the knobs and handles you’ve chosen.

Following are the steps for finishing touch:

  • Attaching plinths
  • Concealing cables and worktop lighting with deco strips
  • Installing moldings/cornices
  • Hanging doors
  • Attaching knobs and handles
  • Attaching door bumpers to cabinet frames


You're done! Time to step back and admire your new kitchen – and admire yourself for saving so much money by assembling and getting the kitchen install from DkOr! If you follow our care and maintenance advice, your new DkOr kitchen will keep looking its best for many years to come.

Caring for your cabinets: Clean the doors, cabinet interiors and wood surfaces with a soft, damp cloth. Use only cleaning products intended for these materials. Do not use cleaning agents that contain ammonia, alcohol or abrasives. After cleaning, wipe down with a clean dry cloth.

Shinning clean sink: If you want your stainless steel sink to be bright, shinny and scratch-free, clean it with a mild detergent and a sponge. Never use steel wool, steel brushes, bleaching or scouring powders. Then rinse it thoroughly and wipe with a dry cloth. Be sure to clean in the direction of the metal’s grain. Avoid cleaning silver on your stainless steel sink top, since this may discolor it.

Kitchen Design in Gurgaon

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A bit about us: Our design and management team has been designing and fitting kitchens for over 10 years.We have completed more than 500+ modular kitchen in gurgaon and a big list of modular kitchen in dwarka customers. Therefore there’s not much we haven’t done in modular kitchen manufacturing. Our passion and enthusiasm for innovative materials and modern techniques are testament to our ethos of striving to achieve better – better products, better designs, better prices, and the wow without the ow!

German Kitchens – Designs for Life

As Kitchen Designers (not Kitchen Salespeople), we put you first! In all aspects of Kitchen Design, no matter how creative we are, we have to listen to what you want. At DkOr we pride ourselves on our listening skills. Over a coffee, we’ll listen to you, offering you advice and suggestions in order to create a totally unique German Kitchen that suits you, your family and of course your budget! Get connected with our designers to find out the ways to customize modular kitchen storage for your Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. What is the difference between a machine made modular kitchen and regular kitchen by carpenter?

Modular kitchens are pre-built factory made Kitchen in Modules. Which can be easily attached together to make complete Kitchen Design. On the other hand regular kitchens are made by carpenters at site manually.

B. Can modular kitchens be installed at fixed platforms with RCC Slab?

Yes, modular kitchens can easily be installed above platform and under RCC slab easily. As this kitchen comes in module or individual boxes which can be easily placed above platforms to make complete designer kitchen.

C. Does DkOr modular kitchen manufacturer in Gurgaon provide warranty?

Yes, we provide complete warranty for manufacturing defects for 7 years. And the hardware brands like Hettich, Kaff, Hafele, Blum, Grass and others provide warranty for 7 years also.

D. Is the Modular Kitchen can be customised for individual project?

Yes, at DkOr we provide complete Turnkey Kitchen Design according to the space in room. So all of our Kitchens are completely customised for every customer.

E. What price do modular kitchen dealers in Gurgaon charge for single wall modular kitchens?

Pricing starts from 900/- Psqft. And generally a small kitchen price starts from Rs. 50,000 and further depends upon the type of accessories and hardware.


  • Single Wall Modular Kitchen
  • L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design
  • U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design
  • Parallel Wall Modular Kitchen
  • Island Modular Kitchen Design
  • G-Shape Modular Kitchen Design


  • Laminate Kitchen Doors
  • Acrylic Kitchen Doors
  • Membrane Shutters
  • Veneer Kitchen Shutters
  • Lacquered Kitchen Shutters
  • Solid Wood Kitchen Shutters


  • WPC Board
  • Plywood Kitchen Cabinets
  • MDF Kitchen Cabinets
  • Particle Kitchen Cabinets
  • Steel Kitchen Cabinets