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A Window is an opening in the wall in any room type. The main purpose of having a window is to get natural light, out vision and proper ventilation. Nowadays, with latest modern design and technology in window material enabled us to get protection from storms, insulation from outside noise, prevent from water seepage and help to reduce energy bills. Window also adds up aesthetics to your home. Windows can be designed in various design, shape and style. A right kind of window can add up better looks in your room, office and home. With uPVC Windows and Doors you can select various design, style and color which meet your requirement.

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DkOr offers wide variety of uPVC Windows in Gurgaon in terms of design and color options. Our designer can design your Windows which best fit into your requirement. We have different type of uPVC windows to select as per your living style. Some of them are Sliding Windows, Casement Window Design, Tilt Turn Window, Combination Window Design, bay Window Design, Fixed Glass and L Shape Glass to Glass Window Design. We have our own manufacturing unit of uPVC Windows and Doors and offer best price for uPVC Windows in Dwarka Expressway. All of our uPVC Windows and Doors comes with warranty and meet the international standard of quality with very much affordable prices. Generally, a proper color and design of uPVC Window and Doors can enhance the overall look and feel of your home decor. Below are some of the most popular design of uPVC Windows and Door.

DkOr: Leading Manufacturers of uPVC Window - Doors in Delhi - NCR

Supplier of uPVC Window in Gurgaon; Variety of options of uPVC Window in Dwarka Expressway available to select from. Some of the options are uPVC Sliding Window, Casement Window, Tilt Turn Window, Combination Window, Villa Window, Bay Window, Fixed Window and Glass to Glass Window.

Some of the common Indian uPVC Window Design options are as follows

uPVC Slider Window

Sliding uPVC window consist of two panels fitted with rollers at bottom for horizontal movement on a track. These Slider Windows are easy to operate and provide panoramic view with proper air circulation. Nowadays, a contemporary home requires some good looking windows which brings life and add up aesthetics to the room.

Benefits and Features of uPVC Sliding Windows

  • This type of uPVC Window provide Improved air circulation and can be moved either left or right side.
  • Smooth Sliding experience with best quality rollers and track.
  • Multiple tracks with multi panels can be installed for large windows.
  • Space utilization as these Slider window panels slides on other part instead of opening inward in the room.
  • Sound Proof, Air Tight, Dust Proof Windows keeping noise and pollution away.
  • Monsoon track system for heavy rains.
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uPVC Slider Window in Gurgaon | Sliding uPVC Window in Dwarka | uPVC Slider Windows in Delhi
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uPVC Casement Window

Casement Window is the most common upvc window design. The Casement Window system offer broad, unobstructed complete view of outside. In this particular design the sash or panel hinged on the outer frame which can be either open in ward or outward. From left to right, which allows maximum air flow into the room. On the other hand, these upvc window are extremely energy efficient when kept closed.

UPVC Casement Window Design in Gurgaon
Benefits & Features
  • Sound Proof and highly efficient in saving energy.
  • Double sealing offers complete protection from noise, pollution and dust.
  • Anti corrosion high quality Hardware.
  • Enhanced Security with the help of Multi Point Locking System.
  • Double or Triple glazing options for better sound and thermal insulation.
  • Protection again Storm and seepage because of rain water.
  • Wide variety of designs, color and hardware available to select.
  • Fully Customized as per the size.

uPVC Window Shop in Gurgaon | Casement Windows in Dwarka | uPVC Window Maker in Delhi
PVC Window Manufacturer in Gurgaon | uPVC Window Manufacturer in Dwarka Expressway | Casement uPVC Window Maker in Delhi

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DkOr is a one stop solution for all type of UPVC Windows & Doors

Benefits and Features of UPVC Windows & Door v/s Wood v/s Aluminium

UPVC considered to be most ideal Window and Door framing system across the world. Nowadays, this material is also gaining popularity in India because of its benefits and features in comparison with Wooden and Aluminium. If you are planning to renovate your home or office then you should compare the features of uPVC Windows and Doors among other material type.

Deformation of Windows due to expansion and contraction of Profiles.

Heat Resistant

Corrosion Resistance

Termite Resistance

Resistant to Color Fade


  • Sliding Window Design
  • Casement Window Design
  • Combination Window Design
  • Bay Window Design
  • Fixed Glass Window Design
  • Tilt Turn Window Design
  • Glass to Glass L Shape Window


  • Casement Door Design
  • Lift & Slide Door Design
  • Designer Door
  • Slide & Fold Door Design
  • Front Door Design
  • Internal Door Design


  • White
  • Champagne
  • Black
  • Dark Oak
  • Light Oak
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut