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Wardrobe Design in Gurgaon - Wardrobe Design in Delhi

Wardrobe Design

Wardrobe Design in Gurgaon

Cupboard Design

Wardrobe Design in Dwarka

Almirah Design

Wardrobe Design in Delhi


DkOr offers wide variety of options for wardrobe designs in Gurgaon. Based in Delhi-NCR, DkOr designers provides complete solution to all type of wardrobe designs in Dwarka. Different types of wardrobe shutter finishes, customized storage solution and color combinations to select. These Modular Wardrobes are factory made units, using high end machines for best finishing under reasonable pricing of designer wardrobes. All of our customized closets are made to enhance your storage space and according to your preferences. With over 1000+ projects completed in Gurgaon, DkOr certify you get the designer wardrobe according to your taste and style. Our expert wardrobe designers and space management consultants would design the exact solution which meets your requirement.

Wardrobe Design - The Focal Point of a Smart Room

Just like an outfit which completes your overall look and personality, same ways a designer and luxury wardrobe completes the home decoration. Nowadays you don't need to opt for generic wardrobe from a nearby store, our designers can visit your place and provide the solution for made to measure wardrobes. At DkOr, our wardrobe designers note down each and every element you want in your cupboard design. Based on the key requirements for almirah design, our team will offer complete solution to meet your expectations.  Designed and made with perfection with the help of latest European Machines, can help achieve a perfect blend of storage and finishing. Installation of a contemporary wardrobe design will help you to furnish your home decor perfectly.

Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon

Wardrobe is one of the most important and required furniture item at home after customized bed design. While considering the usages of a wardrobe design, one should always make sure that the operation is easy to use, have ample systematic storage as per the user requirement and most importantly the color combination must match with the other part of the home decor. Wardrobe can be customized in many type of designs, style and material, and now we have different type of wardrobe design and styles. Look into the details and select the one which best suit your requirement.

DkOr: Leading Manufacturer of Wardrobe Design in Gurgaon

Cupboard Design in Gurgaon

Supplier of Wardrobe Design in Gurgaon; Varierty of Wardrobe Design in Dwarka available to choose as per your requirement or style. Some of the common design options are Free Standing Wardrobe Design, Built-In Wardrobe Design,  Slider WardrobesWalk-In Wardrobes, Wardrobe design for Bedroom, Home Office Wardrobe Designs and Living Room Wardrobe.

Some of the common Wardrobe Designs are as follows



Wardrobe Design in Gurgaon


Free Standing Wardrobe in Gurgaon | Wardrobe Design in Dwarka | Free Standing Wardrobe in Delhi
Wardrobe Design in Gurgaon | Free Standing Wardrobe in Dwarka | Wardrobe Design in Delhi

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Wardrobe Design in Dwarka


Built-In Wardrobe in Gurgaon | Almirah Design in Dwarka | Built-In Wardrobe in Delhi
Almirah Design in Gurgaon | Built-In Wardrobe in Dwarka | Almirah Design in Delhi

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Slider Wardrobe Design


Slider Wardrobe in Gurgaon | Cupboard Design in Dwarka | Slider Wardrobe in Delhi
Cupboard Design in Gurgaon | Slider Wardrobe in Dwarka | Cupboard Design in Delhi

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Walk-In Wardrobe Design

You ask any female about getting a wardrobe at home; certainly they will ask for a walk-in wardrobe as every female dream about such design and look. As, they like to do lot of shopping and always wanted to show off secretly at one place in a proper manner. The requirement of getting a walk-in-wardrobe in place requires a specific room area attached to bedroom to add a touch of luxury and that’s the reason they are rarely found in any house.

In case you have a spare unused room that can be easily converted into walk-in wardrobe, a good wardrobe designer can install shelves, drawers, hangers and other accessories such as tie holder, pant holder, small drawers and other can add more functionality in wardrobe. The only concern to install a walk-in-wardrobe is space and that’s the only reason these type of wardrobe is impossible to get in small to medium size home.

Walk-In Wardrobe in Gurgaon | Wardrobe Designer in Dwarka | Walk-In Wardrobe in Delhi
Wardrobe Designer in Gurgaon | Walk-In Wardrobe in Dwarka | Wardrobe Designer in Delhi

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Wardrobe Design in Dwarka

Cupboard Design in Dwarka


Are you are in search of a customized wardrobe options and special interest to get proper arrangement of your clothing? Well, nowadays getting a bespoke designer wardrobe is very much possible and most important part of an Interior Design.

If you really need your storage to be designed according to your taste and personality, here some of the solutions. Make sure, the only thing on which you can experiment is your cupboard  doors. Even you can opt for a structure which suits you best according to your need instead of traditional almirah design.

Drawer System and Shelf Storage

User who love to keep their stuff properly, systematic, they needs lots of bifurcated shelf storage. Lots of Drawers for keeping their shoes, t-shirts, woollens, hanger for trouser, small section for watches, jewellery case. In Simple words think anything and you can get according to your need. If you spend much time deciding your plan, then don't even think of getting those traditional designs. You actually need a proper customized storage space of all your stuff, according to your style.

Doors with Mirror

In case you are limited with a space in your room, this is a great option for almirah design. Just change, shut the door to use it as a dresser and you are done. Imagine how it looks. But one thing you need to make sure, mirror on doors will also expanse your bedroom, so all you need to do is, just keep them clean for a good reflection all the time.

Open Shelf Storage

No doubt, the open shelving  in cupboard designs, gives a modern day designing feel, however, they need to be properly maintained and should be kept clean. One of the way to keep dust away from open shelf is to get some curtains. Even some contrast would be a good idea to add up some better looks in your bedroom as well. For valuable items and delicate items drawers must be used, but for other stuff which is required an easy access can be placed on open shelf.

Selecting Window Wall

Traditional way use to be selecting a blank wall for your cupboard designs, but a great idea is to select a wall with window for closet design. As window adds up an engaging look and aesthetically boost the overall feel of your closet design. Same basic rules must be follow, where less use stuff comes on top section of the wardrobe and rest of the frequent use stuff can be store below. Proper light must be in a room to match up the wardrobe design on window wall.

L-Shape Closet Design

A small space with a L-Shape Wardrobe gives a look n feel of a walk-in-wardrobe. But the important point is to utilize the small space in a much possible way it can be. Hangers can be easily installed in the corner space, by which can utilize the corner area properly. In other words this is the design which is good for a small space to get a good storage space.

Lacquered Glass Doors

Adding up some Lacquered Glass Slider Doors Wardrobe, is a right selection for a small space and for good looks. In fact, instead of getting lacquered glass, one can get see through or transparent  or looking mirror as well in slider wardrobes. Frosted glass also adds up good look even with clutter.

Selection of Colours

Well last but not least is to select colours. Colour selection is an important element which defines your style and the space. Remember before choosing the colour a designer must recommend light and bright colours where natural or room light is less. And dark colours can be used where ample natural or room lights are available.

These above are some of the important points which needs to be consider while ordering your personalized closet design.



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